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Our consultants focus on providing Front and Middle office search solutions to a wide variety of Trading Houses, Producers, Majors, Utilities, Merchants, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks and Brokerages.


The Energy Team has had recent success in helping companies expand upon their existing platforms. This past year has seen a number of well-financed trading groups being able to poach talent from the banks and smaller trading houses. With much of the demand focused in the emerging markets, Redstone Commodity Search is going further to unearth qualified and experienced candidates. Our consultants have been responsible for the following recent hires:

  • Head of Oil Origination / Oil Trading Group/ UK
  • Head of CEE Power Trading / US Investment Bank / UK
  • Thermal Coal Sales Trader / Commodities Merchant / Singapore
  • Head of Biodiesel Trading / Commodities Producer / Netherlands
  • Head of Corporate Energy Solution Sales / Oil Trading Company / London
  • Head of Bunker Trading / Bunker Trading Firm / Brazil
  • Senior Oil Trader / Hedge fund / USA
  • Head of Governmental Oil Sales / Commodities Merchant / USA
  • Head of Distillates Trading / European Bank / Singapore
  • Head of Energy Trading / European Bank, Sweden
  • Fuel Trader / Oil Trading Group/ UK

The Metals team has extensive global exposure across the physical and financial trading space. Helping with team moves, new office openings and the strengthening of existing teams. Due to a lack of hiring demand from the producers, mandates are for candidates with strong relationships and a transferable book of business.  Our consultants have been responsible for the following recent hires:

  • Head of Metal Trading/ Asian Investment Bank / UK
  • Head of Steel Trading / Metal Trading House / Singapore
  • Head of Hedging / Metal Producer / Switzerland
  • Metal Control Manager/ Trading Group / Switzerland
  • Precious Metal Sales/ Commodities Merchant / Hong Kong
  • Senior Iron Ore Trader / Global Trading House / UK
  • Senior Copper Trader / Global Trading House / Singapore
  • Head of Precious Metal Trading / European Investment Bank / UK
  • Steel Shipping Manager/ Steel Producer/ Switzerland
  • Head of Aluminium Trading / Global Trading House, Singapore
  • LME Trader / Metal Trading House / UK

Whilst Soft and Agricultural trading has existed for thousands of years; high demand for traders is a more recent phenomenon. With the influx of Emerging Market entrants; requests for European traders has soared as the EM firms establish a foothold in the developed markets. The most attractive products over the past year have been fertilizers and oilseeds. Our consultants have been responsible for the following recent hires:

  • Senior West Africa Grain Trader / Global Trading House / Switzerland
  • Grain Trader / Agri Trading Group / Australia
  • Fertilizer Trader / Commodities Merchant / Russia
  • Derivatives Trader /  Hedgefund / USA
  • Senior Grain Trader / Agri Trading Group / Canada
  • Senior Oilseeds Trader / Agri Merchant / Switzerland
  • Sugar Trader / Agri Merchant / Brazil
  • Palm Oil Trader / Trading Group / Singapore
  • Grain Trader / Agri Merchant/  France
  • Coffee Marketer/ Coffee Producer / Singapore
  • Sugar Trader / Trading House / London


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