We are adaptable and aim to generate a bespoke service when it comes to commodity headhunting, that is the best fit for your specific needs and are able to offer our clients:

  1. Retained Search – Retained search firm’s fees are typically paid in thirds. The first 1/3 paid upon acceptance of search, the 2/3 upon provision of the candidate shortlist and the final 1/3 paid upon completion of the search. Redstone Commodity Search aims to offer a structure weighted on the completion fee. We reduce the upfront risk for our clients by requesting 1/3 upfront and the rest upon successful completion of the search. We work closely with you to set the parameters of the search, a strategy for identifying, screening, evaluating and hiring the desired candidate. The Redstone Commodity Search Retained methodology uses the full search capacity of an in house resourcing team and targeted advertising campaign to provide a shortlist of the most appropriate and available candidates along with our recommendations.
  2. Contingent Search / Exclusive Contingent Search – Using a “no-win, no-fee” search solution, we are able to harness our extensive database and developed market relationships to offer 3-5 candidates to match your needs within a quick time frame. Redstone Commodity Search offers this search as a hassle free option, with no up-front commitment required from your side as we are only paid upon a successful introduction of a candidate. If we are given an exclusive search, we are able to commit more research and time, whilst still on a contingency structure.
  3. Extraction Search – For a heavily reduced fee, you tell us who you want and we go get them, using our vast experience as commodity headhunters.
  4. Salary Benchmarking – With extensive access to salary information across the commodities market we are able to help you evaluate and ascertain the appropriate pay structure for your employees.
  5. Market Mapping – Allows us to gain an in depth understanding of your search needs in conjunction with making a detailed assessment of your competitor’s staff. This method allows us to track candidates who aren’t actively looking for new opportunities and form an opinion as to where you might want to add talent. Our maps are principally useful when attempting multiple hires or as part of a continuous marketing campaign.
  6. Managed Advertising Campaigns – Advertising can be a very useful and effective method of targeting potential candidates. Redstone Commodity Search can advise on how to create a suitable advert and where to advertise it. We offer you our consultants to manage the advert traffic response and to filter out the candidates that match your requirements. We can run advertising campaigns confidentially or using your own branding.
  7. Market Intelligence – Using our access to the market and in-depth research team, we are able to perform research analysis to gain an appraisal of your company’s current perception in the marketplace, how the market is faring presently and how your competitors are currently performing. We utilise primary and secondary research to increase your information flow on the market.


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