How to Become a Recruitment Consultant

A recruitment consultant in the simplest sense, is a professional consultant that pairs people looking for jobs with employers looking to fill a role. This is an incredibly customer focused role, perfect for those who have good communication skills and enjoy working closely with people.

If this sounds like a role that could be good for you, we have compiled all you will need to know before you become a recruitment consultant, commodities headhunter or otherwise.

Why Become A Recruitment Consultant?

On average, a recruitment consultant in the UK, when starting out will earn between £22,000 and £30,000 a year, working regular hours from Monday to Friday.

However, there is also the option for basic salary, with the opportunity of earning potentially very handsome commissions and performance-related bonuses on top of a base salary. In roles such as these, early starts, working late and very flexible working hours are likely to be needed.

However, with some employers and dependent on your employer, you may be able to successfully undertake part-time or flexible hours but should always remember that core working hours are likely to be the usual business hours with some flexibility either side. This is a role that can easily fit around your needs and lifestyle, with the right attitude.

What Do Recruitment Consultants Do on a Day-to-Day Basis?

Day-to-day, as a recruitment consultant the role is likely to involve screening applicants to ensure they meet the basic requirements for a role and selecting candidates for interviews. Client companies will also tend to conduct their own interviews to further select candidates.

As a recruitment consultant you will of course need to get clear job descriptions from clients, making sure that the role is accurately described and that you fully understand the type of applicant they are looking for. You will usually then publish this advertisement online and start looking for the best candidates for the role.

Recruitment headhunters will get the requirements from clients with regards to what they are looking for in candidates and will then go out and try to find specific people and people with specific skills, experience and qualifications.

What Do I Need to Become A Recruitment Consultant?

There are no specific set grade requirements for a recruitment consultant to have to have achieved, but a good working knowledge of maths and English is very important. Despite the lack of formal requirements, you will need to be educated to at least GCSE level.

To make a good recruitment consultant you will need to be determined and motivated, as well as incredibly organised with a good memory. Recruitment consultants are often trying to fill many roles at once and checking in with many clients in a day so organisation is key. You should also be a good communicator to ensure you are getting the information you need for clients and employees.

How Can I Become A Recruitment Consultant?

There is no specific route for becoming a recruitment consultant, as some people may go freelance for example, whereas others will apply for a job in the traditional sense.

Typically, you will apply for a role on a recruitment website or directly with a company. If your application is accepted you will be invited in for an interview to see if the company believes you have what it takes to fill the role. If all goes well the role will be yours. Bear in mind that starting as a recruitment consultant is likely to be a very steep learning curve, so when you start, make sure you lean on colleagues and absorb as much information as possible. Be patient, once you are settled in too and you will find the role can be incredibly fulfilling.


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