Jordan Lewis


Andy Low


Sarah Annis
Accounts Manager


Kamran Subherwal
Head of Commodities


Thomas Carson
Senior Consultant


Ross Godwin
Senior Consultant


Risha Patel


Kian Bell


Lenia Kossifos


Thomas-Ian Eastwood
Legal / Compliance Consultant


Rebecca Greig
Recruitment Account Manager


Catarina Celorico
Recruitment Consultant


Marina Zatokovenko
Senior Research Consultant


Shoshana Ajoodan-Poor
Finance Director

Jordan is our company Director and oversees the daily activities of our recruitment teams. He has developed strong relationships with senior management at a number of top traders, producers and commodities majors and has been tasked with expanding the business into new areas and geographies. Before his children arrived, he enjoyed gardening, BBQs, squash and philosophy.


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Andy runs our UK Office and is responsible for overseeing our EMEA and APAC recruitment. When not trying to take over the world one placement at a time, you can find him restoring classic sports cars. He enjoys golf, football, beating Jordan at squash and is an enthusiastic historian.


  +44 (0)1727 615 141

Sarah is Redstone’s account manager and is responsible for our credit control, media and online marketing presence. Away from the office Sarah can be found cheering from the sidelines watching her son play football, walking her dog on the beach and enjoys nothing more than finishing the day with some good food and even better wine. She loves holidays in the Greek Islands enjoying the smaller quiet places away from the hustle and bustle.


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Kamran comes with a strong metals background and now runs our Commodities division. Outside of the office he is a relentless foodie and is constantly basking in the recent switch in fortune of his beloved Liverpool FC.


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Tom works with our clients across the physical and derivative commodities markets primarily covering risk, compliance and legal positions. In his spare time he enjoys playing poker, golf and baseball as well as watching the NFL. He also loves to travel, visiting cities across Europe and the United States


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Ross works with a variety of clients across the energy spectrum with a more specific focus on crude and distillates.

He is an avid cinema goer and BBQ enthusiast, he is also the offices resident expert on the Texas Two-Step!

Specialist Skill: Ross can cook 60 second rice in 58 seconds


  +44 1727 615 148

Risha is a one stop shop for our softs and ags searches, completing her assignments with a fantastic level of accuracy and dedication. A natural socialite, Risha loves to travel and paint the town in G&T’s for everyone! When not enlivening local nightlife and discovering those far flung destinations, Risha is an avid consumer of crime documentaries, an interest so strong that Agatha Christie would be proud!


  +44 (0)1727 615 146

Kian is a fan of the big hits and can often be found at full back on the rugby pitch running rings around the opposition. He loves to travel and immerse himself in local cultures often straying from the beaten path and climbing the most difficult routes he can find. Recruitment wise he is all things finance, embedding himself with trade finance experts and financial controllers globally, a smart move given the global climate.


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Lenia is Redstone’s wanderlust filled adventurer who loves nothing more than to travel and meet new people, Lenia’s exploits have seen her zigzag across Canada in a Honda Civic for several years as well as travelling Europe sampling the culinary delights on offer – especially from the Mediterranean. With Redstone she is nothing short of a client focused maestro, running many of the detailed oriented retained searches and ensuring delivery of the highest level of Client service.


  +44 (0)1727 615 144

Thomas specialises in searches within the Legal, Risk & Compliance space, sourcing the best candidates for his Commodities and Fintech clients across the globe. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys keeping fit, watching a variety of sporting events and fancies himself as a budding music producer. His love of F1 has led to an almost unnatural level of competitiveness on Karting tracks, however, he is less Alex Albon and more Peter Perfect in delivery.



  +44 (0)1727 615 190

When out of the office Rebecca can be found watching crime documentaries, winning pub quizzes or on her way to a city break in Europe. At Redstone there is no search she can’t run to find the right candidate – she will find you and she will recruit you.


  +44 (0)1727 615149

Catarina is our resident ray of sunshine; colleague, candidate, or client she will always greet you with a wave of positivity and unwavering optimism. Whilst she is completely untrustworthy around anything electronic, she is a dedicated and commensurate professional who will always put client and candidate needs front and centre of her day. She is an avid gamer which is surprising given the anti-technology field she emits when in the office – however her talent at finding those hard to reach candidates and tailored service delivery to clients more than makes up for the technological hardships.


  +44 (0)1727 615 147

Marina is Redstone’s research lead bringing a wealth of experience to the table and delivering timely accurate results to our consultants and clients. No retainer too hard, no candidate well enough hidden is motto. She loves to travel and is passionate about her visits to Asia, loving to immerse herself in the local culture and cuisine. She is a yoga loving, tennis playing book reading machine who has been driving Redstone’s research capability in recent years and the absolute keystone to success for those hard to fill mandates.


  +44 (0) 1727 615 176

Shoshana is responsible for our company accounts, invoicing, credit control and ensuring efficiency of our Middle Office. When not in the office she loves to bake and design birthday cakes. She guarantees a healthy bottom-line and unhealthy waistlines.


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