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Non Ferrous Metals Trader for Secondary Metals

Job Reference: RS0616

Job Title: Non Ferrous Metals Trader for Secondary Metals

Location: Asia Pacific

Product: Metals

Role: Trading

Redstone Commodity Search are working with a UK based trading house on an exciting new opportunity and challenge. They search for an experienced person to join their secondaries team to open and manage a new office in South East Asia. The trading house sources secondary metal containing materials from around the world and arranges for these to be processed and recycled to produce a range of chemicals and metals. The company is already actively involved with the sales and distribution of these chemicals and metals as well as sourcing the related secondaries. The new manager will assist in the region to source and sell metal containing spent catalysts, ashes, concentrates, drosses, plating sludges, muds and other metal containing materials. The work involves many industries although primarily the secondaries are in the form of spent catalysts coming from the oil and gas industry and contain following metals: cobalt, copper, molybdenum, nickel, tungsten, vanadium and zinc. Initially home based but depending on success, possibility to expand into offices and recruit team.

Key Responsibilities / Tasks

  • Responsible for establishing new representative office located in the region.
  • Working closely with the London team, the new manager will be involved with purchases and sales of metal containing secondaries in the APAC area.
  • Help build upon existing relations with processors and locate new ones in the region.
  • Liaise with and visit companies in the oil and gas industry, plating and other industries generating non-mass metal secondaries.
  • Attend trade exhibitions and other industry relevant events.
  • Work closely with the logistics and operations team in UK to ensure smooth trade processing.
  • Reports to department head in London and ultimately the Managing Director.

Key Qualifications / Experience

  • Experience with either sales or trading of metal containing secondaries and preferably spent catalysts.
  • Connections with processors of secondaries in the SEA regions and/or knowledge of oil refineries and gas producers.
  • Fluent in English and Chinese with other SEA languages useful.
  • Knowledge and understanding of operations/logistics.
  • Located in South East Asia, preferably Singapore.

If you match the job description and are keen on applying for this role; please send us a copy of your resume/cover letter to or submit your application through the Vacancy Form.